How To Become An Affiliate

We have a great affiliate program where you can earn money by selling membership to the GSGA. 

There are a few steps to get started outlined below or you can scroll down and watch the video beneath for further clarification: 

1. Firstly, this works better on desktop rather than mobile.

2. Click on this link here:

3. Click the big blue button "Affiliate signup".

4. Read through the terms and conditions and click the big ACCEPT button.

5. Our affiliate system is run through KARTRA software so at that point you need to click FREE SIGN UP.

6. Enter your name & email, then choose a username, password & secret question.

7. Fill out the captcha code and click CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT. 

8. After this you will see a congratulations message - click ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT.

9. Next you will see a popup with Kartra's Terms Of Service - you need to click "I agree".

10. Then you will see your affiliate dashboard. 

11. On the right, click on the small chain icon above where it says "MY LINK" - you will see a popup with 2 boxes "Your affiliate link" & "Your JV Broker link". Click on either box to get your link.

12. You need to use "Your affiliate link" to sign up customers to the GSGA.

13. You need to use "Your JV Broker link" to recruit affiliates to sell under your account.

14. Click on PAYMENTS at the top - then click Payment Settings.

15. Click on your preferred payment method and fill out your details. 

16. Then click the dropdown under WHAT'S YOUR PREFERRED PAYMENT METHOD? and choose an option.

17. To get back to your affiliate dashboard, click PROMOTIONS at the top or on the left "My Affiliate Promos".

18. To get back to your dashboard at a later date, simply go to and log in.

19. If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected]

20. This affiliate system is free to use and you do not need to sign up to KARTRA as a paying user.


How To Become An Affiliate


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