Adopt The Correct Grip Pressure For Short Game

grip pressure short game Apr 24, 2019

Finally the grip pressure: How tight you have your hands on the golf club is critical to allow the club head to have life to have motion to have freedom.

You need that in short game.

So overall grip pressure. I kind of quantify this out of 10 - my left hand, now listen to this because this is take some getting used to, should be 1 out of 10. If 10 is really tight, 1 out of 10 on the left hand virtually no grip pressure at all. Right hand with your new right-hand grip position, nice and neutral two out of ten.

That's the 2 out of ten grip, so virtually no grip pressure on the right, just a touch more than the left.

This gives me Freedom. It gives me flow gives me feel - I can feel the club head.


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