Free Video On A Great Short Game Drill From The Gary Smith Golf Academy


A lot of golfers have a poor short game technique and are not getting up and down often enough. Correct practice improves your chances of hitting great short game shots. If you're getting up and down a lot already from off the green, then this isn't for you.

The worlds best short game exponents have a rock solid and repeatable short game technique.  The drill I'm going to show you will let you know if your technique is good or not. This video will show you how to perfect your chip shots.

By following this drill and mastering it you can expect to see improvements in your short game. With your improved technique, you will feel more confident when standing over chip shots. You will reduce your chances of hitting bad shots and be ready to hit shots straighter and with more consistency.

Click here to find out how you can drop shots from your game in 6-8 weeks with The Gary Smith Short Game System. When you click, you'll be taken to a page where Gary explains how his short game...

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