Free Video On How To Hit Great Short Game Shots From The Gary Smith Golf Academy.


A lot of golfers are not gripping and swinging correctly for the short game and often don't know it.
Correct movement and rotation improves your chances immensely of hitting a good short game shot.
If you're not willing to check your short game swing for an improved score, then this isn't for you.
All of the world's top golfers create power in their short game by rotating correctly
By adopting the techniques I suggest, you can hit much better chip and pitch shots
The techniques shown will give you the keys to strike, energy and consistency in your short game
This video will show you how to chip like a pro for the short game
This video will also let you check if you are turning and swinging correctly for the short game.
By practicing my recommendations you will be able to play more accurate shots.

Click here to find out how you can drop shots from your game in 6-8 weeks with The Gary Smith Short Game System. When you click, you'll be taken to a page where Gary explains how his short game...

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