Meet Ian

Working With Gary for a couple of years using the Linear Approach to the short game. He arrived with low confidence and has had his short game transformed. Now his handicap has come down from 7 to 5 and has reputation at his club as a chip and put expert!


Meet Andrew

He has been working with Gary now for about 10 years. During this time, he's transformed his short game from the weakest part to the strongest part of his game. Now he really looks forward to his short game. Now he's expecting to turn his short game into 2 shots or often 1!


Meet Tom

Tom is an 8 handicap and an enthusiast of Gary's coaching. He strongly recommends the Linear Approach that Gary delivers and finds it simple and very effective. In Tom's own words, "a great system!"


Meet Lloyd

Working With Gary for several years now on his short game. In that time, he's learnt from Gary a number of techniques that allow him to cope with the difficult nature of the run-off areas at his challenging course. During that time, his handicap has come from 10 down to 6. The techniques he's picked up has allowed him to enjoy and "relish" the shots around the green!

Gary is opening up membership to a special package called
"The Gary Smith Short Game System"

"In this course, Gary explains how you can drop shots from your game with his Linear Approach System".

You don't want to miss this.

"I listened to your presentation at the National Golf Show and found your linear approach a complete breath of fresh air. It seemed to make complete sense despite cutting against the grain.  I have duly tried the technique on the practice ground and it works - it really works - despite a sideways look from the pro! The club can work as designed and  crisp, target orientated contact follows seamlessly. Chip, pitch or bunker I am a total convert - having suffered with my short game, I now feel I have renewed confidence in the simplicity of execution - every time."

"Hi Gary – last year you gave me a single lesson on the short game – I still follow your technique and my spin, launch and roll out is so consistent now I am getting up and down 60-70% per round, up from 30%. I’m extremely confident around the greens and actually look forward to missing greens (not really) Just wanted to say great stuff. Whats important is that the strike conditions are so consistent you subconsciously pick up flight length and roll outs. I can go from a SW chip to a six iron runner and get the length right first time. Gold."

"Hi Gary, just to let you know that since your short game day at Ramside..... I have used the method ever since, and have not fatted any chip or left any ball in a bunker, short game gone from strength to strength. Many many thanks, I am spreading the word"

"I am really glad we have started working together as I have had a few short game lessons but none have produced such fantastic results and confidence in my short game."

"Your linear bunker technique is incredible and I will be excited to see my ball land in a green side bunker in my next medal comp."

"You're not a golf coach you're some sort of ninja Sensei.  I've been working on the things you showed me on Monday and I can't believe what I'm doing."

"Gary, You may remember that last Saturday you did a demo at the golf show in Manchester discussing chipping and the short game. After that I came over and spoke and you did another session using me as an example. Well I played today and wow, that chipping technique is fantastic. It solves so many problems and now I have some confidence over my short game. Thank you very much!"

"Gary hope you're well. Just wanted to say you've revolutionised my short game. My bunker play is more consistent and with a wedge in my hands I'm peppering the pin. I played a quick 6 holes in the dusk and shot 3 under! Thanks so much"

"VERY pleased to say that, following a bit of coaching with you, I did manage to win that singles knockout competition at Frilford. He was 1/2 my age, hit it 1/2 as far again and was receiving shots but I kept it down the middle and, with some good scrambling, took him out. This is after 25 YEARS OF TRYING ! See you soon Gary"

"One of the clinic attendees came in today asking for your number. He said he had made 6 up and downs and won his Elders match against North Hants. His opponent was so impressed he wants you to do a clinic over there. You may get a call from him..."

"Excellent material presented clearly & memorably. You won't see some of his very sensible teachings anywhere else & his approach is far less complex than far too many other teachers. His short game approach is one of the best two I have encountered. Bravo Gary Smith. He deserves to be knighted! Wish I had discovered his knowledge & approach 60 years ago when I started playing golf at 12 years of age."

"We'll be back to see you this year and cannot thank you enough. We had a ball! Thanks ever so much for Saturday. You were truly awesome! Richard and I had THE best time ever.  I'm starting to understand it more but the trip was about Richard and boy did you deliver. His changes were as quick as ten minutes in and his light came on throughout the 6 hours we were down, We both loved it and cannot thank you enough!"

Gary is opening up membership to a special package called
"The Gary Smith Short Game System"

"In this course, Gary explains how you can drop shots from your game with his Linear Approach System".

You don't want to miss this.


Gary is a former tournament player...with International success including winning the Kenya Open, competing in 3 British Opens, and representing Great Britain and Ireland in the PGA cup.  He wanted to share his knowledge and experience and this led him to become coach to Sky TV’s Richard Boxall and Wayne Riley and what followed was their multiple European Tour successes. Australian Open, Scottish Open, Italian Open, Portuguese Open and World Cup and Dunhill Cup performances, were just some of their successes while he was their personal coach.

Gary was approached by England Golf (EGU) to be involved as 1 of 3 Technical Coaches to the England National Elite Squad.

As an England Elite coach, constantly searching for the most effective way to improve my students, he was always asking why? Questioning, analyzing, but also experiencing what works, what's appropriate to each individual student's goals, what's realistically achievable in their life balance schedule. It's not so much what you know as a coach - it’s more a case of delivering the appropriate information. The highlights of Gary's career so far have been Coaching Pros to national titles, 14 years EGU Elite/A Squad, Presenting over 150 PGA short game seminars in the UK and Europe, Achieving PGA Master Professional as well as being recognized by Golf Monthly for the past 6 years as one of the UK's Top 25 Coaches.


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